• Sometimes God says go here.

    He sent us to Mr. H’s home, a Veteran of Viet Nam, and wounded twice.

    His home was not livable, not safe, and not what an American Hero should have to live in.

    He was […]

  • When I came home from Viet Nam, I was spit on, cussed, and called names, I never asked anyone for help on my house, because I thought no one would help me.”

    A quote from the Veteran that we are going to build a […]

  • We told you about the Veteran that we carried an air conditioner to, because he only had one box fan.

    When we got to his home, we had to hold back the tears.
    NOONE especially a Veteran who had been wounded […]

  • larry wrote a new post, Home For A Hero 8 months ago

    Last week Hearts For Homeless was contacted about an eleven year Veteran who is 76 years young, living in Florence Alabama.

    Upon speaking to him we found out that he had been wounded twice and was in an […]

  • If you have been following us the past two years you know the story of Andy, and CeCe.

    God led us to them one cold winter day, they had been wandering the streets seeking a place to get in from the cold, CeCe […]

  • “Whoever is kind to the poor…lends to the Lord.”

    A couple of weeks ago I was out visiting some of our homeless friends in Athens Alabama.

    One friend in particular is named Sam, he and I go back over twenty […]


    Hey Y’all!!

    We have an event coming up Saturday August 1st in Athens Alabama, titled Fill The Van With Cash N Cans.

    In previous years we would be scheduling a huge yard sale to buy food, and propane […]

  • Who is she…that’s my question for you…

    This week I have seen the picture at the bottom of this post circulated, made fun of, called stupid redneck, or a shame to her family.

    To my scholar friends I know […]

  • A few years back I was booking a guy into jail, who had been in and out, what we call a frequent flyer.

    The last time I saw him he was skin and bones, drugs had ravaged […]

  • When Angie, Richard, and I created Hearts, we  already had a long track record of dealing with the homeless.

    Right after opening our Facebook group, Hearts For Homeless, and letting our area know what we were […]

  • larry wrote a new post, Ed 12 months ago

    His name is Ed, a friend we have been seeing for years.

    A Veteran who has been fighting demons through those years due to PTSD.

    The ghosts and demons led him to drinking to ease his pain, at night he yells […]

  • We read and see on the news everyday about the trials and tribulations we as Americans are going through.

    What about our homeless friends, the ones we call the invisible people of the woods?

    Things have […]

  • Hello Everyone,

    It’s been a long time, with many ups and downs in our lives working with our homeless friends, but we are back!

    Sadly we said goodbye to three of our friends since our last writing, Richard, […]

  • If you know Angie, Richard, or myself you know that we don;t seek attention for ourselves.
    Our mission is to bring  light to our ministry and the invisible people of the woods.

    This article was recently […]

  • We have exciting news!!!

    We have created a wish list of items that we need for our friends.

    You can order and have it shipped directly to us…how cool is that!

    No matter where you live you can now bless […]

  • The heat index is pegging over 100 degrees in our area.

    I have grown accustom to walking to my fridge, holding my Yeti cup and and pressing the buttons for ice and water, it’s a luxury that we take for […]

  • Many of you know the song Standing On The Promises of God, and have sung it often at your church.

    In 2015 when Hearts was born, Angie,Richard, and I decided that Hearts, and we the Admins, would stand on the […]

  • You can hear some amazing conversations from others…

    Yesterday I was in Tennessee, and decided to stop for lunch.
    I had been in this particular store several times, and knew some of the regulars.

    I sat […]

  • We have been very busy putting together our first annual Easter Dinner for the homeless and low income families in our community.

    Last year we fed over 500 in Huntsville along with another organization that […]

  • “Drugs Take You To Hell…Disguised As Heaven”

    It’s been a while since we have done a blog post, there were several reasons, and the following post will enlighten you as to some of what we have been […]

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