And Baby Makes Three

“A baby fills a place in your heart, that you never knew was empty”.

For the past few weeks our Hearts Family has been helping a homeless couple, who are expecting a baby girl, the mother to be is 29 weeks pregnant.

They were on the streets until I met them one day at a local organization that passes out food to those in need.

Our Hearts Family members helped us put them into a hotel room, because she is a high risk pregnancy.

He draws $550.00 a month disability, so we began searching for a place they could afford to rent. We finally found a small two room apartment for $350.00 per month.

Now here is where the blessing comes into play. Our members rallied around these two supplying them with the essentials to set up their home. Food, cleaning supplies, furniture, they needed it all, and they got everything they needed from our wonderful members!

It ticks me off that a Veteran has to worry about a place to lay his head down at night!

I mentioned a blessing that came into play, the blessing was not what we supplied for them…it is what they supplied for us…  a chance to let God be seen through our Families efforts…

We Believe The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More





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  1. Larry Angie and Richard you guys are Angel’s on earth

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