Answered Prayers

Growing up in small town America I lived in the Bible Belt.

More than once I heard my Grandmother say God Answers prayers, in his time in his way.

Today He answered a prayer for Hearts, we finally have found a warming center for our homeless friends.

Central Church of Christ has partnered with Hearts to become our warming center.

Thank you Lord!!!

Tonight on short notice five of our friends came in out of the cold. They were treated with respect, talked to, laughed with, made to feel as if they were human.

Did I mention food? Oooooooooooh my goodness, the great people at church have spoiled them with so much food, they are eating and eating 🙂

We took a huge step today to get them off the streets during the freezing cold, thank you Lord.

All I can say is it brings tears to your eyes after working so long, so hard, Angie, Richard, and all of our Hearts members can breath a little easier…

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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