Baby Birds

“We can see hope in the midst of hopelessness. We can see peace in the midst of chaos. We have a hope that the world does not have. We can see clearly that all things work together for the good of them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” -Priscilla Shirer

There is no doubt that God works in His own way and in His own time.

Recently I went to a local organization that helps those in need with food.
I noticed a pregnant lady and a man sitting in the lobby, she was crying and he was consoling her.

I walked to the back where the food is stored, and spoke to my friend Daisy, who works there.
She went to the lobby and leaned over to tell the woman, who was pregnant, that someone from Hearts was in the back.

She brought them to meet me, after introductions,the man said we have been trying to contact you since November.

It seems my famous Iphone had their number blocked, I have no clue why.

That night they stayed with Angie, and I, and others in a warming center.
The next day they went from business to business getting in from the cold.

Hearts members and Admins decided to take these two under our wings.

They had nowhere to go, Hearts members got them a room in a local hotel.
We supplied food, transportation, and other items they needed at the time.

Working together we found them an apartment, a place to call their own.
They have the electricity in their name, the apartment in their name, and with them having a permanent address, his disability check increased.

Their car was a lemon, it never ran correctly, we found them a car they could afford.

It’s almost time to take these two baby birds to the edge of the nest and let then learn to fly.

We will be there for support if needed.

Their lives changed, in HIS time and in HIS way…two more of our friends off the street.

We Believe The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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  1. This is awesome! God is using you in a powerful way!

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