Be Somebody

“Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.”

Truer words were never spoken, you see each and every one of our homeless friends are unique, they have their own personalities, they need their own forms of encouragements.

Angie, Richard, and I strive to make our friends feel like they are somebody. In this world we live in they are not welcomed, they are considered less than desirable, and yet most people don’t realize they are one serious medical condition,or one lost job, away from being homeless just like our friends.

Today I witnessed a lady in a local Walmart Eye Center, who made one of our guys feel special, who made him feel welcome, even though his clothes were soaked form working outside in the rain, she took time to make him feel like any other customer.

She politely told him of his options as we were picking him out new glasses. She told him of the types of frames she would recommend, and did not pressure him to buy a more costly frame.

When our guy went to the back for his eye exam, she and I talked a while longer and I told her that Hearts For Homeless would be paying for his glasses, and that he was going to get a surprise that he didn’t know about, our good friends Penny and Chuck McGlathery, from Good Samaritans, sent us enough money to buy him a replacement bike, for the one he had stolen recently.

The lady at the Eye Center said how exciting! Please come back by here so that I can see his new bike, sure enough we did, and she kept telling him how happy she was for him…

She didn’t have to go out of her way to make him feel like somebody, but she did…for a fleeting moment in time, he was somebody…and his smiles told the story….

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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