Be Still

There are times when we all just need to be still.
In the Book of Mark Chapter 4:39 we read the story of the crossing of the water and a great storm tossing the boat back and forth.
Rain was pouring, the winds were breaking the boat apart, and this man named Jesus was sound asleep!!

What in the world? They were all about to perish and he was sleeping??
One of the men went down to wake him asking do you not care that we are all about to perish?

Jesus went to the bow of the boat, and said, “Peace, be still.”
The wind stopped howling, the rain stopped pouring, the water became calm.

We need to understand that we are here for a purpose, even in serving the homeless when we get frustrated, worried, or wondering where our supplies will come from we need to…

Be Still… And Know That…God Is In Control

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