The heat index is pegging over 100 degrees in our area.

I have grown accustom to walking to my fridge, holding my Yeti cup and and pressing the buttons for ice and water, it’s a luxury that we take for granted.

Life in the woods is not as luxurious, this past Saturday when we passed out canned food, and snacks, we found people soaked in sweat, before 10:00 A.M., there were no buttons to push, no ice to crunch on.

We have decided that through the summer months we will be taking ice, coolers, and water to the camps. Each person is given their own cooler to keep up with. We must thank our Hearts Family for donating coolers, or money to buy coolers.

We know the ice won’t last over a day or so in this heat, BUT it is some sort of relief, more of a moral booster, than having nothing.

I will be taking 450 lbs of ice, and as much water as we can load to the camps tomorrow for them to share. If we run out then we will make a second trip later in the day.

Thank you Hearts Family for allowing us to do what we love, to reach out to our friends, to help those who are ready to go to rehab, and to become a profitable citizen in their communities…

We Believe

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More



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