Carrot Top

Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon…Author Unknown

This quote fits Bruce or as some call him Carrot Top.

The first time I met Bruce he came out of the woods, fire red hair, stubbly face from not shaving, and wreaking of alcohol.
He stuck his hand out and said I’m Bruce, how are you young man. That greeting of how are you young man still is his way to greet me until this day.

He never asked for many items when we passed food out, nor did he ask for specific items, he always said save that for someone else.

I learned that he was a painter, and had been for twenty five years, the sad thing is people would use him as day labor to paint and offer him six to seven dollars an hour, mind you that is a lot for a homeless person to make, but to me it is unfair to pay them less just because they are homeless!

Bruce and Angie connected on our trips to the camp, but that is not surprising everyone connects with her, she is good at being an Advocate, she listens, she is patient, yet she is firm and honest, and they all know that she is.

He would tell us from time to time I’ve got to get out of these woods I’m getting too old for this, and year after year we would see him in that camp every week.

Finally a break came for him and he was offered an apartment to live in and work on apartments in a building. Alcohol slowly became less and less his friend to the point he would tell us I feel amazing.

We keep tabs on him still, he messages both of us weekly to let us know he is doing great and doesn’t need anything.

The quote above I said fits Bruce?

He is now the apartment manager, and maintenance man, we saw him Wednesday night and he looks great…I got my how are you young man…but there was no alcohol scent…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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  1. Another great successful story

  2. God is good and amazing things can happen

  3. Amen… and there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

  4. Thank you Lord!

  5. Awesome! I know he makes your heart smile. It does minešŸ˜Š With God ALL things are possibleā¤

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