Danny’s Birthday


For the past two years no one said Happy Birthday, no one brought presents, or cake and ice cream. He sat alone in his one room apartment, thinking of days past, the happier times of his life.

Recently Danny and I rode around out in the country and as we were talking I found out that he had an upcoming Birthday, and for the past two years no one knew when it was.

That stuck in my mind to hear him say, and no one cared, no one.

Danny has COPD so bad that his Doctors are not giving him a good outlook on life, he said they told him a year or less, only God knows.

So I contacted our Co Admin Angie McElyea and told her what I had just heard, and she went to work. She let out Facebook Family know when Dann’y Birthday was and we delivered over 30 card to him…THIRTY!!

He said I read every one of them, and he has them placed around his apartment where he can easily see them.

He also received gift cards, cash, and an Alabama Shirt.

It’s not the gift cards, cash, or other gifts, it’s the fact that someone cared,someone said Happy Birthday, and that made his day more than you will ever know…

We have asked each one of our invisible people of the woods their birth date…I can see Birthday cards in their future.

We Believe

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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