Darkness Falls

Darkness has fallen around my home, and I am locked safely in for the night.

My thoughts turn to our homeless friends, there is no safety after dark for them, whether it be human or other prey, there are no locks, there is no safety.

Recently I spoke for quite a while to one of our friends as I was driving him to a Doctors appointment, and he opened up about life on the streets in the area where his camp is.

During the daylight it is a normal area, people walking around with no fear, a typical setting you would think.

When darkness falls the mask comes off, and the streets become evil, drug dealers, prostitutes, fear of sleeping because someone will either steal your only possessions, or sneak in and cut your throat.

He told me that people wouldn’t believe the fear, the darkness, the intimidation of nights on the street.

He discussed the times of crawling out of his tent only to put his hand on swamp rats all around or the fear of touching a snake and not knowing if it was poisonous or not.

Then daylight breaks, and the mask comes on again…safety….for now…

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More



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