David and Goliath

It’s Monday morning and we already know it is going to be a trying week.

How do we come up with enough food to take out to the camps over the next few days.

On our Facebook Chat page we have begged and begged until it is embarrassing, have you ever felt that way?

I also know there will be many Goliath’s placed before us this week, this is where we have to dig down inside and bring the David’s out.

I don’t know what lays before us, but I do know who is in control, and I am placing our problem into his hands, as so often we have done before.

As a Christian I know that if I follow His word, follow His path, whatever lies before me, I can over come.

This too shall we overcome…just as David did…

We Believe

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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