Easter Blessings

To God be the glory!! WE ARE BLESSED!! That’s the best words I could use for today.

God blessed us with a beautiful day, and a wonderful day with friends.

I can not and will not even try to list everyone that made today great, because I would leave someone out. We were extremely honored to partner with Good Samaritans today. We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of love you all showed today. I’ve often made the comment  that Hearts has the most generous, caring members than any other group on Facebook. And you all proved my point today.

I am still in awe of how you all showed up and showed out!! Words can not even begin to express our gratitude to you all. From all the dishes that was made with love, from all the volunteers that served, from all of the volunteers who made Easter baskets, to all of you who made our friends feel special….my hat is off to you!!!

We really tried to get around to each and everyone of you, to personally thank you , and to finally meet some of you in person….if we missed anyone at all, it was not intentional, please forgive us.

Please know that every act of kindness shown today did not go unnoticed. We appreciate everyone of you….those that cooked, those that served, those that mingled, those that played their instruments, those that picked up broken glass off the ground so no one would get cut, those that ran to get cups when we ran out, those that offered rides to our friends…every act, we noticed.

We especially want to thank all the small children and teenagers for helping today. Parents and teachers…you are to be commended for your hard work in teaching your kids the importance of giving and helping, and the importance of being kind. I saw Jesus in all of those kids today. There is not enough good that could be said about them. They were wonderful, and I applaud the kids, parents, teachers and sunday school teachers for this!

We fed over 500 today and he remainder of the food was taken to the Limestone County Jail and donated 🙂

All of our friends thank you, and I talked to most of them, and they were very grateful for you all.

Thank you all for making our friends feel special and for living up to our slogan…..

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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