Friends and family matter most during hard times.

What if there was no family, only strangers you have come to know in the woods.

Different personalities, different religions, or attitudes.

To many of the invisible people of the woods the only family they have is one another.

Sadly some of them die, and if they have no burial insurance, or no one claims their body, they are buried in an unmarked grave, to be forgotten by the world.

I have learned over my years of being and Advocate that their in camp “family” works much like yours or mine would.

They help one another when needed, they share food when needed, they sit around and talk about times past just like we do.

People try to picture in their minds what being homeless means, what it looks and smells like, if it’s like you see on tv or in movies, no it is not.

Homeless camps stink, the flies are everywhere, they are not glamorized like they are on tv.

There are no children running around playing in them like in the movies, there is laughter, there are tears, there are doubts and concerns.

Just like your family or mine…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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