Fear can only grow in darkness,once you face fear with light, you win-Steve Maraboli

I’ve always loved the sounds of darkness, a coyote barking in the night, an old owl letting the world know it’s there, the distant sound of a train coming down the track.

I can’t begin to imagine the sounds of darkness on the streets.

I recently talked to one of our friends whose nickname is Catfish.

The area he lived in wasn’t too good during the day, but he told me at night it got worse, much worse.

The sound of women screaming from afar, gunshots going off,drug deals all around, sleeping with one eye open fearing that someone is going to come into your camp to rob, beat you, or kill you.

The night goes by slowly, too slowly, each and every sound bringing fear to a frenzy.

Then morning breaks, the sun shines, you take a breath, for a few short hours you are safe…or are you.

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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  1. Two things I never want another to feel… fear and hunger. There used to be three, the third was alone…but then through my own experience I realized that sometimes it is when we feel the most alone that God reminds us that He holds us and we come to know or return to Him. Now there is again a third…forgotten…no one should ever feel forgotten.

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