Feed My Friend

“There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog.”

As you have seen us post before most if not all of our homeless friends have dogs.

They are best friends, door bells, and protectors, no one walks into a camp without the dogs alerting.

Saturday as we made our rounds from camp to camp, we took our time to stand and talk, we haven’t been able to do that lately, and there is always an opportunity to find out their needs, what is going on in their life, to talk about jobs, rehab, God and to pray.

On this particular trip we took out homemade chili with all the trimmings, sour cream, onions, cheese, and jalapenos.

When we pulled up to Fred’s tent I yelled for him to come out,  slowly he did, so did Obadiah, his trusted pitbull sidekick.

After eating, and getting the supplies he needed, he said did you know you three are angels to us, I said no, the real angels are the Hearts in our group, they supply everything you all need. He said well I thank them too.

When I was shutting the door on the van he said will you do me one favor? I want you to give Obie a bowl of that chili, not knowing if it would be good for him, I said are you sure? He nodded.

Angie fixed Obie a big bowl of chili, he gulped it down and came and sat by my feet then licked my hand.

Fred looked at me and said out of everything you all did for me today do you know what meant the most?

I said no Sir, looking at me with tears in his eyes he said you fed my friend, that meant more to me than anything.

At the end of our conversation they both disappeared… back into the world of the invisible people…

We Believe…The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More




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  1. This one got to me 🙁

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