Fire Flies

“Fireflies are special messengers that whisper in the night…See magic does exist”-Princess Sassy Pants

As a child from small town Alabama we would look forward to the darkening of the night. That was the time we went on the hunt for the magical fire fly, we would catch them and put them in a mason jar, and rush to our room to watch them glow in the dark until sleep took over.

I wonder if our homeless friends look for them at night, if they watch them dance and glow,  entertaining them for a few fleeting  minutes. Do they whisper to them about their day, do they make a wish upon them, and tell them their deepest secrets.

Do they shed tears as they watch them, knowing that the same fireflies could dance around long lost family members, or maybe, just maybe they whisper a message of love to those they miss with all their heart.

Fly away, you have many secrets to keep…or does your glow give them away…one blink at a time…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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  1. Larry, I love the way you use words. “Fireflies” not only took me back to my childhood but helped me see our friends as more than their physical circumstances or outward problems… Thank you for always helping me to see them more like Jesus sees them!

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