Flying Kites

We’ve all seen them haven’t we, sitting on street corners, near interstates holding their signs up, looking as if they haven’t eaten in days.

“Flying kites” is the homeless definition of street corner begging with signs.

Some say will work for food, others say homeless Vet in need of help.

Who are they, are they really homeless?

Sadly it is hard to tell, some make their living by “dressing” the part of a homeless person, they park their vehicles away from the interstate and sit there all day collecting money.

Is this easier than working a job? I have no clue, but the Alabama summer heat would make me think twice about sitting outside all day.

Who do we help if we can’t really believe their stories?

A good test is to offer them food, or a $5.00 gift card from McDonald’s or Burger King, if they say no I need the money to help pay for a room for the night, take your money and don’t worry about them, they are not homeless.

A true homeless person is going to take food or whatever you offer them, and will be thankful for it.

Sadly these performers give my homeless friends a bad name, and it sticks in the minds of  those who have tried to do the right thing by helping them.

Keep doing what your heart tells you to do…God will sort out the real from the fake…in His time.

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More



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