Flying Kites

Oh the memories of homemade kites, trying to fly higher and farther than the other kids, and being sad as they crashed and broke into pieces.

Some of our friends fly kites, not the ones you and I did as a child,

Homeless people have their own slang language, flying kites means to sit and hold a sign up panhandling for money. Some do it, some don’t we try to discourage it, one it is against the law, two if they are able to sit on the roads all day long, they are able to work and we will find them jobs.

I suppose you have seen men or women at intersections flying kites, but did you know they are not all homeless? Oh they dress the part, they look pitiful, but that is their day job, five days a week, every week.

They drive or are dropped off to their location, if they drive they park in a lot away from where they are standing.

How do you know the difference? Offer them something to eat, if they refuse and ask for money that is a red flag.

Recently, Hearts Co Founder Angie and I were in Athens buying supplies for our friends.
We saw a guy flying a kite near the interstate. We pulled into a place to buy lunch and we noticed the guy came inside, put his sign down, went to order food, and pulled out he cell phone and called someone.

He got his bag of food and walked out, Angie and I left shortly after that. It is a 12 mile drive from Athens to my beloved home town of Elkmont. When I turned onto the exit, the same guy was standing there with his sign, he beat me there! He had called someone to pick him up and move him to another location.

Let me say this not all homeless people fly kites, one in particular is Conoco Mark, he walks the streets picking up cans, and mows a few yards to get by. Recently when I visited him I had two dollars in my pocket, I normally don’t carry any kind of cash, when I am out in the camps, I handed it to him and told him to get a cold drink with it, he told me real quick he didn’t fly kites, I said I know this, and I don’t see you flying one, I offered the money to you.

So don’t judge all my friends by a few bad apples that play the part and play on your good hearts.

I applaud your efforts, but if you want to help the homeless donate to Hearts or Good Samaritans, our sister group that works with the homeless…your money will be used wisely and for the purpose you donate it for…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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  1. It’s unfortunate that the bad apples, the kite fliers, do influence how folks feel about those who are sincerely in need. Once a giver realizes they have been taken advantage of, it turns some folks hearts off. It has mine before. I think this group has opened many eyes in this respect. I know it has mine for sure, and I’m so glad.

    Wow, I’d hate to have to answer to God for falsely acting like I was a starving homeless person, with a vehicle parked down the street or someone dropping me off on street corners. Makes you wonder how they could have ever gotten to be such a low life.

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