From Suicide To Salvation

From the Co-Founder of Hearts…Angie…

Y’all I don’t even know where to begin this post. I promised you all some great news yesterday, and this is the post! But where do I start? Hearts members, you all know this is a faith based christian group. Our prayers is that each and everyone of you have a personal relationship with our God. Our prayers are that everyone of our friends have a personal relationship with God.

Whew! We serve a wonderful God, y’all. And He’s still in the miracle business today!

If you’ve been in our Hearts group for any amount of time you know our friend Bones. Bones has lived a rough and tough life. The first time I met Bones, he only said Hi to me when LP introduced us. The more I came around, the closer I got to Bones. As time went on, Bones became a challenge to me….I truly fell in (Christian) love with him. I knew in my heart, yes, he’s had a messy life, but that’s not the life God wants for him. Now, you’ve all seen pictures of Bones and most anyone that walked upon him would probably be scared to death. He’s covered in tattoos, and looked like he would just soon kill you, as look at you….but that’s not the Bones I knew. Bones has a heart…..a big heart.

For the past two years or more, I’ve watched Bones grow and change. I could see the Lord was convicting him. I seen that everytime I talked to him. He and I had some long conversations, and shed some tears together. He was with the wrong people, and those people kept reeling him in, and weighting him down.

He told me and LP several times he was going to kill himself on that hill, or go to prison. He just couldn’t believe that our God would ever forgive him for the things he’s done.

At the end of May, Bones got into a situation (not discussing it here), and he covered for his love (or who he thought was his love), and he went back to jail. He was stupid, but that’s the kind of heart he has. He’d help someone else before helping himself.

They have this thing in jail where you can email the inmates, and I had been emailing. You cant see them until they’ve been there for 30 days, and only on Saturday. LP and I, and Penny were making plans to see him on Saturday. Low and behold, Bones sent me an email with a number of a guy to call. His name is Bobby. Bobby and Bones became friends in jail, and Bobby told me Bones lifted him up when he was at his lowest. And Bobby told me that Bones talked about Hearts alot during their time together.

Bones is out of jail, with a story to tell. You see, Bones got saved that Thursday night in jail. How great is our God??

Bones was one heartbeat away from taking his own life that night. He was ready to do it, but God stepped in! God stepped in right on time! In that heartbeat Bones was going to use to end his life, God used that heartbeat to save Bones. Bones gave his life to God, right then and there. God has better plans for Bones.

Bones requested that LP and I be there at the jail when he got out. We were… was 11pm when he got out, but we were there. I would take nothing for that, because you see, Bones walked out of that jail a changed man.

He made the comment that no one was going to believe he got Saved, but he was ready to tell everyone!! I could see it, he was glowing and smiling, something you didnt see often from Bones.

I truly believe with all my heart he is a changed man. We went to see him baptized today. It was truly a blessing and an honor to be invited.

Y’all I cried Thursday night right there in the middle of FloBama. I cried Friday night when Bones walked out of the jail, carrying his Bible, and falling on his knees to thank His Jesus! I cried today as he went under that water, and came out sin free!! Y’all I’m over the moon!! Not for anything I did, or what LP did, but for what MY GOD did!!

My God is still in the saving business!! He convicted Bones so hard, Bones finally welcomed him into his heart. Bones is a new man. He’s happy, and he’s going to see Jesus one day.

Who says God can’t forgive even you? Even me? Even Bones? He can and he will.

We ask you to please please please cover Bones in your prayers. We’ve told him that the deceiver will be on every step he makes, because that is how Satan works. He said he knows, and we don’t have to worry, because he’s ready to go to work for the Lord. He said he’s got a lot to do for God. And he’s ready. But still, Satan is good at what he does, so please keep him covered in your prayers.

God is so faithful and keeps his promises. God’s time, not ours, and he’s right on time, every time!

And with Bones’ permission, I share these pictures and his story. He wants everyone to know!

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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