Get Out Or Die


No this is not a line from a movie, these are the words that our friend Danny’s Doctor told him, “Get out of the woods or die!”

Danny is a very soft spoken guy, I have known for the past few years, and as time progressed  his health began to deteriorate.

The dampness of the woods, and the musky smells took their toil on him.

He struggled with coming out of the woods, because quite honestly it is sad that you have to decide on whether to buy your medicine or to eat.

Danny is on oxygen because of COPD, and a failing lung, he takes quite a few medications daily.

He does receive a small check each month and after rent for the one room place that he can afford, he has the grand total of fifty dollars a month left.

Angie, Richard and I pay for his medicine each month, and we take him food weekly. We have learned the foods that he loves and always try go shopping just for him.

We have a couple of guys who can’t afford their medications, we always manage to get them for them with the donations of our loving members in our Facebook Group, as we always say we can do nothing without our members love and support for our friends.

We ask that you pray for our Danny, each time we see him he looks so tired and worn out.

I guess the words would haunt me as well…”Get out of the woods or die!”

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More





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