God’s Blessing



We never know when or how God is going to bless us.

When we began this ministry we were taking items to the camps in cars, and a small truck.

We discussed buying a van, but the funds were not there, so we did what we could with what we had.

God leads us to where we need to be  think, I was attending a church in Elkmont Al and was led to another one in Minor Hill Tennessee.

I became a member there, and after a while they learned about our ministry.

One of the members told me the church had a van that was just sitting under an awning, discuss it with the men and they may give it to you.

Sure enough they gave Hearts the van, it’s a 1994 Dodge, but it runs great and serves our purpose, we can take so much more to the camps now!

Thank you Minor Hill Church of Christ for the van and thank you Father for leading me daily to where and what I need to be.

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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