Heading South

Today as I was walking a flock of geese flew over heading south.

That told me it is almost time for our friends to start their search for a better camp for the winter.

They will seek a spot on high ground to avoid being flooded out by the rains that will be coming. A place that offers sunshine during the day and cover from the howling winds and cold at night.

Some will pack up and head to a warmer climate, and then next spring we will see them again, if they make it through the winter.

We will pass out blankets, propane, gloves.coats, and hand warmers in the coming weeks.

Our friends, just like God’s creatures, know how to survive the winter.

One moment at a time…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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  1. Oh! I hadn’t thought of that this far in advance! Thank you for the reminder and a greater perspective than I.

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