Helping Mark

Our goal at Hearts for Homeless is not only to provide food and hygiene products, our goal is to change lives, to better lives, to let it be known that someone cares.

We are on a mission now to help our friend known as Conoco Mark.

Mark lives in a camp alone, and has been at the same location for the past five years. His camp has rattlesnakes and black racers around it, along with swamp rats. Two years ago he lost a fur baby to a rattlesnake bite.

Mark was born blind in one eye, and had a brain defect. He wears very thick glasses to see out of the good one.

He doesn’t get any kind of check, he survives on gathering aluminum cans, and mowing a few yards. Recently he filed for disability, but he has not heard the results.

I spoke to him this past week when we took him food, and found out he is a huge NFL and college football fan.

We also asked him if a generator would help him and his words were absolutely! I can’t imagine being blind in one eye and living with only a lantern to see by at night.

Our mission, should you choose to help us is to purchase Mark a generator, to run a fan off of during the hot months of summer, and a heater off of during the cold weather months.

We have found one for $289.99 until June 1st, when it will go up to $349.99. The wheel cart is sold separately.

I am not going to post a picture of Mark because I didn’t ask for his permission, if you find it in your heart to help us better his life with a generator, please use the paypal button and designate your donation to Mark.

Thank you,
We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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