He’s No Good

The fifty to sixty scars up and down his arms are from teen age mutilation.

The earplugs he wore and still wears is because of the yelling and screaming at him constantly as a teen ,now he can’t handle loud noises.

His body is bent past what a man his age should be, another sign of abuse as a child.

He wasn’t loved by his family, they told him he was useless and no good.

He attempted suicide five times, and lived, God wasn’t finished with him.

His days are spent avoiding people, and his nights are spent going through dumpsters looking for food, he said when you have gone a couple of days without food to eat, you don’t mind eating from a dumpster.

NO this is not from a book or movie, this is the discussion I had sitting in the exam room of the Doctor I took him to today.

I just need to die, people hate me, over an over. he kept saying.

Being a corrections officer taught me a lot of how to deal with emotions, I started slowly asking him questions only to find out he was a World War 1 & 2 historian.

BINGO, I found the subject to get his mind off of suicide for a while. Who was The Red Baron, he reeled off an answer, what country was he from, he reeled off an answer, over and over he answered,then he said you know wars back then were done and over fairly quickly, but now they last for years and years, there has to be a reason why…

He is not dumb by any means, he has been beaten down by family and society.

We spent the day together just talking, when I let him out of my jeep I gave him a big box of food, I looked and he had disappeared into the woods…

The reason I am posting this is, this young man needs all of your prayers, we will be getting him into a mental health Dr in the next few weeks, but keep him close, we never know what one more day might do to him.

We did get him started on some of the meds he had been taking and hasn’t had in years, hopefully this will get him on the road he needs to be on.

I am so behind on loading Abigail that I will be working late, but it’s ok, that could wait, letting this young man hear that you all care about him is more important…

He said thank you all for caring, you don’t know how much y’all are changing my life…prayers that WE are…

We Believe

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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