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Last week Hearts For Homeless was contacted about an eleven year Veteran who is 76 years young, living in Florence Alabama.

Upon speaking to him we found out that he had been wounded twice and was in an explosion.

We were told that his  air conditioner went out, and all he had was a box fan. Recently we had a new small 5.000 BTU donated to us, so we loaded up to take it to him.

I can’t begin to tell you the shock we saw when we arrived at this poor mans home. The house is literally¬† falling down around him. We weren’t even sure the window could hold up that air conditioner, even it being a small one.

He has lived in this home forty four years, never married, and took care of his Mother until she passes away.

Our Hearts Family knew we had to do something, a Veteran should not live like this at all.

He does receive a small check, we have the paperwork in to get a copy of his DD214.

We need your prayers, and your help, we ARE going to either build, or buy a garage type building for him, and demolish the old house, there is nothing salvageable.

If you can donate time, or supplies contact us on Facebook, contact Jennifer Keck Markle, she is in charge of organizing every step of this journey we are taking.

We have set up at account at First National Bank for him, to begin collecting donations that we will need for his new home.

Go to any First National Bank Office and donate to Home For A Hero. If they are closed put it in the night deposit labeled Home For A Hero.

If you prefer go to our Paypal link on the first page, donate, and assign it to Home For A Hero.

Let’s give back to one who has given so much to us.

Be Proud American…Let’s Do This!

Boots Are On The Ground


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