How Hard Can It Be

When Angie, Richard, and I created Hearts, we  already had a long track record of dealing with the homeless.

Right after opening our Facebook group, Hearts For Homeless, and letting our area know what we were going to do, I received a couple of private messages asking really? How hard could it be to pass out a few cans of food?

So let me explain how easy it is, and before I begin let me say I am not bragging on us, or asking for praise, the praise goes to God whom is using us as His servants.

We do pass out canned food, hygiene and other products, but there is a little more to what we do.

We also purchase birth certificates, drivers licenses,identification cards, bus passes, Dr appointments, eye exams, what ever is needed to better our friends lives.

That is the simple things that we do…

The hardest parts are seeing their health decline, to have to make arrangements to have them buried when that time comes, it is truly like losing a member of our family.

Often we receive messages day or night, needing someone to talk to, sometimes just having someone to listen to you is the greatest gift we have given them, our friends know we are here for them, anytime.

There are times like Christmas, when we pass out your gift wrapped boxes to them, that they humble us. When you see tears flowing from grown men and hear, I haven’t had a Christmas gift in eight years, you take a deep breath and thank God for your blessings.

Our buddy Richard, deals with any we put inside, he helps find jobs, and deals with those who need to go to rehab.

Angie deals with all of the women in camps, and a lot of the men, she takes care of where I am  supposed to be each day, and why I am there lol.

As for me, I am just thankful that they let me tag along on this amazing journey God is leading us on…

We Believe The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

Amen! God Is Good!


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