I Wish I May…I Wish I Might

“Star light, star bright,. First star I see tonight,. I wish I may, I wish I might,. Have this wish I wish tonight.”

How many times as a child did we recite that poem when we climbed into our comfy beds and drifted off to dreams of wishes coming true.

For some they did come true, for others they didn’t. I was fortunate as a child, my parents made sure that we had everything we needed, but not everything that we wanted.

That kept us grounded to who and what we were.

Fast forward to today and our invisible people of the woods.

What do they wish for? What do they dream about? Surely they dream and wish about the same things that we do…right?

I can’t imagine them wishing for fancy cars , boats, or a mansion to live in like many of us.

I can imagine them wishing for health, safety, a tent that doesn’t leak, clothes that are not soaked from the rains, or maybe just maybe someone to look at them, and not look through them.

We all have dreams….the difference in them…the value to each of us…

We Believe The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More




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