It’s Only Twenty Dollars

“Whoever is kind to the poor…lends to the Lord.”

A couple of weeks ago I was out visiting some of our homeless friends in Athens Alabama.

One friend in particular is named Sam, he and I go back over twenty years, and I can call him a true friend.

On this particular day he was helping pour concrete to make some money.

He loaded some backs with items he needed, said his goodbyes and left. A few minutes later he returned, and said I have something for you to use, he handed me a $20.00 bill.

We both knew that he couldn’t afford to lose a precious amount of money that he needed to survive on.

I tried to refuse, and he insisted even more.

Fast forward a couple of days, and I told our Family in our Hearts For Homeless Facebook Page what Sam had done.

They went to work, one of our members issued a challenge to match Sam’s Donation.

At the end they collected a total of $940.00 and with the other $20.00 the total reached $960.00.

Someone asked how can we thank this gentle soul?

Angie, and I thought about it all week, and finally made a decision.

Sam’s twenty dollar donation, would be given back to him ten fold, we would give him $200.00.

After a couple of calls we tracked him down, of course he was helping someone to earn a little money.

Angie told him why we were there and quoted a couple of scriptures, handing him the money he said no way, I didn’t give that to receive anything back.

She went on to explain to him about our amazing Hearts Family, and that they approached us about giving back, with tears flooding his eyes he took the money, BUT only on these circumstances, “You tell everyone thank you and I love them.”

We sure will Sam, we sure will.

We Believe

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More



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