I am a firm believer that the words homeless and veteran do not belong in the same sentence.

However, too often we are hearing it more and more everyday.

There are many reasons, drugs, alcohol, PTSD, there are those who have to decide on buying medicine or living inside, they can’t afford both.

Meet Jim, who gave us permission to use his picture on this blog.

Jim is a veteran, who does not receive any kind of check, he does receive a small amount of food stamps each month.

We have been dealing with him for a while now, as well as his camp mate Richard.

Two very different personalities, but as long as they can make it work, it works. Jim is loud and boisterous, Richard is quiet, and laid back.

We visit them each week and take food, hygiene, and clothing to them.

Jim is a Nescafe coffee fan , so we always try to purchase him some of the instant sticks.

Their camp is over run with rats, rats, and more rats. Mostly due to the lack of sanitary conditions in and around the camp.

Jim keeps saying that he is going inside, but again we have heard this for over three years, maybe someday he will surprise me.

I salute you Sir for your service to our country.

To my country Leaders I say shame on you, shame on you…you have forgotten these hero’s.

We Believe…

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More





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