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Y’all we have a new mailing address. You all can now send mail here. If you’ve always used my home address, you may continue to do so if you’d like. However, I won’t be giving that out any longer to anyone else. This mailbox will be checked often.

This mailing address will now allow our friends to get mail here now, without them scrambling to find a mailing address. If our friends have mail sent here, it will be addressed to Hearts For Homeless, Attention: (the friends name). We won’t open their mail, if it has their name on it, we’ll give it straight to them.

We are very excited to offer this service to our friends in need, and also to our members who mail donations, cards for our friends, etc.

Please write this address down for your convenience in finding it when needed:

Hearts For Homeless
PO Box 323
Athens, AL 35612

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