Meet Our Friend Frank

First of all, let me say that when we post a picture and name of one of our homeless friends it is with their permission, we will never mention a name or show their face without it.

Meet our friend Frank.

Frank has been in the woods for a number of years, he will probably never leave the woods.

We have talked to him about going inside, but he lives by his own rules, as many of our people do, they can’t live in a situation with someone else telling them how to live.

Our friend has many health issues and is constantly in our prayers.

Anytime we go to his camp he will never take more than he needs, always saying someone else may need it more than him.

From time to time when health permits he will go with us to other camps and help pass out supplies, these are some of his best days, he really enjoys helping and talking to others about their day.

Frank is sneaky, from time to time we will find some money on the dashboard of our van, it’s his way of paying it forward to others 🙂

Keep Frank in your thoughts and prayers, and all of our homeless friends please.

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More



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