“Don’t take mirrors seriously¬† your true reflection is in your heart”.

Mirrors we love them don’t we? We stare in them to see if we have aged since the last time we looked, we make sure our hair is perfect, our ladies check their makeup, and lipstick during the day using mirrors, guys you are just as vanity conscious as our ladies, don’t even go there!

Mirrors reflect our outer being, any and every one can see what we look like. Some are more beautiful, some are more handsome than others.

The question is what if we had a mirror inside of us reflecting our heart and Soul. What would people see?

What would your heart reflect, would it be an image that only cares about your interests, one that fools everyone, or would it reflect a loving, caring heart.

Better yet would your Soul reflect our Lord and Savior? Aren’t we supposed to be a reflection of Him and the work he would have us do?

Jesus sought out the lost while on Earth and expects us to do the same thing.

In Hearts For Homeless we strive to reflect His image in all of the work we do, sometimes we meet trials and temptations, Jesus did too in his time on earth, but we have to do as he did remain faithful, tell the devil to get behind us, keep our eyes on the prize of a home in heaven.

We seek out the lost. the homeless. and the forgotten…will the mirror inside of you reflect that you are hand in hand with our ministry?
If you haven;t joined HFH go to our main page and join us now…let your reflection shine loud and clear as we minister to our friends.

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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