Nucor’s Santa Came Visiting…

They say it’s the most magical time of the year, where elves gather to make toys, and reindeer get ready to circle the world with Santa.

Cookies and milk await to feed, and energize the man with the amazing heart during his Christmas deliveries.

Throughout the year Hearts partners with many people in our Facebook Family, and companies who want to reach out and love on the invisible people of the woods.

We are always so blessed, and in awe when we receive donations that will benefit our friends.

One such company Is Nucor, in Decatur Alabama. Today they donated five hams that will be sliced and cut up to be served with eggs, biscuits, and gravy in the next few weeks. What a treat!!!

Hearts would like to thank Nucor, it’s management, employees, and especially Kim Holmes. the HR Supervisor for caring about our friends, and providing them with a donation of meat, which they rarely get.

Much love to you Nucor because you believe…The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More




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