Our Journey With A Hero

When I came home from Viet Nam, I was spit on, cussed, and called names, I never asked anyone for help on my house, because I thought no one would help me.”

A quote from the Veteran that we are going to build a home for.

Can you help us with a small donation please….

Mark your donations Home For A Hero…and please share this post…

This is his house now…this is the HOME we are going to build him!! With YOUR help..

Our Paypal is:


(this link directs you to our Hearts donation page)

Cash App is:


Venmo is:

Mailing Address:

Hearts For Homeless

PO Box 323
Athens Alabama 35612

This is his present home, and what WE are going to build for him with YOUR help!!

Wounded twice, two tours of Viet Nam let’s give this Hero a HOME that he deserves…


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