Pandemic and The Invisible People Of The Woods

We read and see on the news everyday about the trials and tribulations we as Americans are going through.

What about our homeless friends, the ones we call the invisible people of the woods?

Things have changed drastically for them as well. Many who had days jobs are no longer working, those who were taking food out to the camps have stopped or going less frequently.

With the libraries closed there are no books to read, no place to go to get out of the elements. Those that take showers cannot because the rec centers are all closed.

Batteries are the answer for now, to listen to music, or perhaps find a worship service.

Early this morning around 2:00 A.M. we placed an order for 200 AA, 200 AAA, and 24 C batteries, this will last two or three weeks, at the most, BUT it is money well spent to keep our friends minds occupied.

Hearts is still going out to pass out food, at some camps we leave bagged up items on the trail for them to come out and get.

Yesterday we were in Athens Alabama meeting with the needy there, this is a newer group that we have begun to work with. As word of mouth spreads we are seeing the numbers rise.

Today is Easter Sunday, the day Our Lord and Savior rose from the grave.

Will you help us to raise our friends out of homelessness?

We Believe..
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

The Path

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