Wisdom oft comes from the mouths of babes…

As you know every Tuesday we have a campaign called Two Dollar Tuesday, where we ask you to donate at least two dollars to help buy food to prepare a hot home cooked meal for our homeless friends.

Today my neighbor messaged me and said, “Parker has something for you it was all his idea”, now mind you he likes to bake me cookies, so that was what I was expecting.

He came over and handed me $10.00 of his own money to help feed our friends.

His mom said this was all his idea, after I told him what Two Dollar Tuesday was for!

Thank you Buddy for caring, for being my little buddy, and for setting an example for all of us..

Parker has issued a challenge to everyone with children…he wants to see how many people will match his donation.

Obviously I won’t post his picture on the internet, but I can tell you he was beaming when he handed me his money.

Parker believes…
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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