Please Call Me Chase

“Drugs Take You To Hell…Disguised As Heaven”

It’s been a while since we have done a blog post, there were several reasons, and the following post will enlighten you as to some of what we have been doing.

If you have followed us, many you know that every homeless person has a street name, until they make that move to go inside.

In the post the street name, and real name have been changed to protect the privacy of the family, and this young man, we did ask for permission to share his story.

Back in November we had opened a warming center for the homeless in our town, around 2 A.M. a car pulled up and a young man got out, shivering and so cold to the touch. We let him in and gave him warm soup and coffee. I said what’s your name he said you can call me Hammer.

An hour or so later he wanted to know where he would be sleeping. I showed him and left the room, a few minutes later I went to check on everyone, and couldn’t find him. He was in an area that was off limits. In order to show that we were serious about the rules we had to practice tough love, and escorted him out.

Fast forward to February, and another cold spell hit our town. We opened the warming center. and shortly there after received a call from our friend, Christina, she had found a man laying by the dumpster near Waffle House.

I drove out there to see who it was and it was my friend I had earlier escorted out. I said Hammer I have our warming center open and you are welcome to come, but we are not having any trouble do you understand?

Then, right there and then God took over. He said Hammer was a very bad person, call me Chase. It is a major, major step for someone to drop their tag.

We went to the center, he ate, he laughed at a cartoon movie the others were watching, then he went to the book shelf reached in and took a Bible out. He sat down and read scripture out loud, then he peacefully went to sleep.

Angie, and I , have been working with him, getting him to take baby steps, because every step is gets you closer to where you want to be.

He is clean now, and I think he will stay clean. We are in contact with him daily. We also have reached out to his Mother, she is very supportive of him, and our efforts.

Now the exciting part, as if getting clean, and losing his tag wasn’t enough…

Today we took the first steps into getting him an apartment!! His very own place, where he can lay down, cook, feel like he is making progress in this journey we call life…

Is the battle over? No and we realize it..but we also realize that God has this…and we will all be in this together.

Please call me Chase…

We Believe That The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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