Rat, Rats, And More Rats

If you ask anyone who knows me there are few things in life I detest more than rats!

I suppose it stems back to my childhood days when people had corn cribs in their barns.

My dad would give me the job of shoveling corn out to the hogs, and one day as I opened the crib door a huge, ugly, gopher rat fell off the header of the door onto my shoulders and neck!!! I don’t know who ran the faster me or the rat.

Our homeless friends are over run with huge, ugly, red eyed, swamp rats.

They chew their tents up to get to the food, they eat through plastic containers or anything in their way.

Then they burrow under the tents and live there by the hundreds, it’s warm and dry under the tent floors, an ideal situation.

Recently we received a call from two of our people, who were putting up a new tent, as they moved the old one, hundreds of rats ran out on them. They were stomping them, hitting them with sticks, anything to kill them. ( You note I was not in on this!!!)

As you imagine they become a serious health problem. Some of our friends tell us about seeing rats running all over the guys sleeping on the ground, so very sad.

We pass out a lot of rat poison, a lot. and it doesn’t phase them.

I suspect that you know by now where there are rats…there are snakes!

Rats are looking for food…snakes are looking for rats!

That’s a story for another day…

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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