“Twilight drops her darkness down and pins it with a star.”

The streets shine during the day, but at night they are as a dark chasm.

Everything safe during the day is fair game at night.

I was in the camps today and took time to talk to Miranda, and Chad. This is the couple that a good friend of mine, Lori, called me about that she had found walking down the road.

I noticed that both had black eyes, I jokingly said matching black eyes?

They laughed and said no, different circumstances, Miranda and one of the women in the woods got into a fight, that’s how she got hers.

I said who did you fight, and this is what he told me.

Last night Miranda want to go to the store to buy a soda, so I pulled the money I had out of my pocket and gave her enough to buy us a soda.

A guy was standing across the road, and was watching us.

When Miranda walked off the guy started following Chad, caught up with him and put a gun in his chest demanding his money or he would kill him.

Chad said, you’re not getting my money, man I am homeless, go a head and kill me, you would be doing me a favor.

He said the guy looked at him for a minute, and started to put the gun back in his waistband, then he swung backwards, and hit him under the eye with the gun,knocking him down, making a small gash, the black eye, and stole what little money he had in his pocket.

There are some sorry people in this world, but in my eyes there is a special place reserved in hell for someone to steal from a homeless person, and then go off and laugh about the few dollars he stole from a person who said go ahead and kill me, you’d be doing me a favor…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

The Path To Their World



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