As Advocates for the homeless we see more than our share of broken, downtrodden, men and women.

Society has labeled them as losers, bums, and thieves, this is what tears down their pride, to know they are the forgotten.

There are many reasons someone becomes homeless, drugs, alcohol, finances, family conflicts, to name a few, we have seen and heard them all.

Sadly, many homeless people are Veterans, the words homeless and Veterans should never be used together, we have several in the camps that we take supplies to.

Our ministry understands that homeless people are Gods children, in unfortunate circumstances, if not for His grace, that homeless person could be you or I.

We believe in offering a hand up, we also believe that they have to reach for our hand, if they want to better their life.

Follow our ministry, share our site with your friends, pray always, and donate as you can.


The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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