Tears are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.

I’ve seen and been through a lot in my years upon this earth.
I have loved and lost,been in a beautiful home, and been without a home.

Not too much surprises me to the point of tears coming to my eyes, but that was the case last night as I sat here alone reflecting on our day in the camps with our friends, one in particular we call Conoco Mark.

Yesterday was the day we surprised him with a new generator, power cord, string of lights, tv,and antenna for his camp, all donated to him.

Mark is a rare breed, yes he is homeless, but he doesn’t smoke, drink, or use drugs. He mows a few yards, and walks all over town collecting soda cans to sell.

Why doesn’t he work you might ask, there are a few reasons, he is blind in one eye and has had a brain defect from birth, he also has episodes where he thinks the government is spying on him, when he is that frame of mind, he shuts himself away from the world, we know he is in his camp but he won’t come out to meet us, we usually leave him food at his trail, and after we leave he will come pick it up.

When Angie, Richard, and I arrived at his camp he was waiting on us, Angie had called to see if he was at home, he had no clue of the gifts that were sent to him.

We talked a while and I opened the hatch to my jeep, he was expecting to get his bags of food out. When he saw that generator he backed up, stood there, went and looked again.

We told him all of the items were donated to him, I guess the best way to describe those moments would be to use his words, “It feels just like Christmas to me.”

We showed him the ins and outs of his generator, and left to let him place his treasures where he wanted to in his camp.

Last night Angie messaged him and asked if he got his tv working with the generator, his words, “Yes Ma’am it’s working like a charm!!!!”

When you can better a life seize the moment, when you can change a life, let tears show your happiness.

I thank each and every person who helped us change Marks life…May our God above bless you all…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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