The Bible Ain’t No Wall Y’all

The Bible Ain’t No Wall Y’all???

What the blue blazes does that mean?

Today while visiting my friends at Booth Chapel Church of Christ, I heard Brother Jeremy say the Bible is not a wall.

So being an opportunistic person, I am borrowing his line!

I thought a lot this evening about this post, it surely is not intended to offend anyone or religion, but I think we all need to realize that the Bible is not the stopping point in the life of a Christian.

Of course the Bible is an absolute piece of the puzzle for us all to reach that home in heaven, but reading it is not all!

In the book of John, Jesus said, FOLLOW ME.

Follow my examples, follow my works, seek and save the lost, reach out to the needy, the hurting, the fallen.

I can surely say without a doubt that the brethren at Booth Chapel have gone beyond the walls of the Bible.

In their community they distribute clothes to those in need, they mail get well, or condolence cards, they invite people to church, they have community meals,they visit the sick, and shut in…oh my goodness, did I say something earlier about punching the clock? This group of people are working overtime!

Why? Because it is EXPECTED of  them and you and I!

There are many, many, congregations who work that I don’t know about,and those that I do know about, and I am thankful for them all.

HOWEVER to us all whomever we may be…

Don’t punch the clock, don’t let the Bible be a wall.

There are souls to save, two little words that mean so much…

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The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

Our Friends From Booth Chapel Church of Christ


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  1. The Bible isn’t a wall, we make the walls ourselves, with God’s help we can climb any wall or tare it down whatever the need be

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