The Can Man

You can hear some amazing conversations from others…

Yesterday I was in Tennessee, and decided to stop for lunch.
I had been in this particular store several times, and knew some of the regulars.

I sat down in a booth with three men right behind me, they were rather loud in their conversation, but hey I was there for the food, their loud chatter was alright with me

One of them said it won’t be long now, a second said nope you can set your watch by him. I didn’t hear the third one comment at all.

One said there he is right on time. Heck I was expecting it to be another of their friends, but it wasn’t.

They continued to talk, and ridicule the man, whom I finally saw, out at the garbage cans picking soda cans out.

FINALLY the third one spoke up, do you guys know him or his situation? Is he picking out cans for your entertainment or because he is in need. Maybe, just maybe he just needs a break in life.

I sat there sort of smiling because in just a few words he had shut the other two up. When I left he was close to my car going through the trash can, I said how are you buddy.

I’m blessed Sir really blessed….he walked off whistling.

I hope, and pray, the third guy will give him that break he needs. I have a feeling he might just do that.

We all have our opinions, our views, our visions, of how other people should be…but until we know their story……


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