The Gifts

Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.

Like most of you I own many things that I treasure, there is a difference in treasuring, and must have. I don’t own anything that I absolutely must have.

Such are the people of the woods, they own few possessions,  and even fewer that they treasure.

When one of our friends says that they are going to give you something you take it, no questions asked.

Once one of our guys named Catfish came to me beaming with pride, I have you something Larry, and you’re going to love it. I let it slide at that, but he next week here he came with a vest and handed it to me.

I know you love to wear vests in the winter so I got this one for you, he said with a big smile.

I took it from him and thanked him, and walked away. I later found out the vest was a large, I wear a 1 x or 2 x depending on the vest.

Recently Fred told me I have something for you, I said ok. He started to describe the gift and said you will just have to wait and see it. The next week here he came to meet me, reaching down in his pocket he pulled out a key chain with a miniature copy of the Bible on it.

The key chain and the vest are worthless in value, but in my eyes there is no money that could buy them. They were given to me from friends, who own nothing, who were so excited to share them with me.

Treasures from my friendships with the invisible people of the woods…

We Believe

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More




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  1. The story of GIFTS and our Homeless Friends
    The recent story on the website,, made me think of the upcoming holiday season that we each all plan for each year. All the celebrations we honor with a gift whether it is Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion in our lives. In thinking of these celebrations, the forgotten ones in the woods that have lost their way do not have the normal life that we live each day. I think of their families that they had one time, lost contact with or for some reason feel they can’t reach out to their blood relatives for emotional family support. As a mother, I wonder if they have a mother that prays for their safety as that mother has no idea where they might be; or brothers or sisters that maybe a little argument caused a family rift that they feel they can’t go back to.
    We search each year for the perfect gift at our celebrations in hopes of it being the right gift and find it unused, returned or unappreciated. The story of the gifts given to Larry was treasures. It wasn’t the value; it was the acceptance of that gift. When they gave that special item it was saying to Larry, I accept you in my life and I value and treasure you. For in this life, all we ever want is acceptance, to be wanted, needed and appreciated just the way we are without judgment, without criticism and most of the time it is just a friendship that we all seek.
    We are a large group of members that care and give without judgment. Let us all support and supply the needs of our homeless friends and allow them to know we accept them without any strings attached other than we wish them well and hope for a better future for them.
    Thank you for being my “Boots on the Ground” and my support may be anonymous but I feel I am right there with you each time.

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