There Are Angels

There are people we describe as Angels, who tirelessly work to help others, and never get the credit they deserve. I know of such a group.

Meet the Angels of Booth Chapel Church of Christ, in Minor Hill Tennessee.

These ladies work together to supply their community and our homeless people with FREE clothing, and shoes.

When I say work I mean work! They sort all the clothes out by sizes, marking the clothes, folding the clothes and putting them in the rooms in the basement of the church they belong in.

There is a ladies room, a men’s room, and a children’s room, it is immaculate in the way it is set up.

This didn’t happen overnight you can tell, they have spent many, many hours making life easier on those in need.

On Saturday August the first, they had the biggest turnout of people so far! We will announce their next clothing giveaway soon.

They have a rule you must follow, only one, but it is a very important one…PLEASE take all the clothing you need.

That’s an amazing rule isn’t it, to know that you can clothe your family, and children, without questions, without prejudice, with only smiles and thank you’s for coming.

Meet the Angels of Booth Chapel Church of Christ.. my heroes…

From left to right…Kay Hughes, Virginia Keeton, Linda Gibson, Connie Fry, Teresa Crabtree, Shirley McClure, and Donna Cox

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  1. It’s nice to b called angels, and b complimented for the work we enjoy. It is work, sometimes very overwhelming, but when u c the end results it makes every bit of it worth while! My wish and goal is to help those who hav physical and spiritual needs. We r told by teachers that there’s kids n need of clothes, but the numbers that come don’t really match up to what we’re told the need is. Please know we r here to help, not judge!!! Please find that out for yourself when we do our fall/winter giveaway, we hope to hav n October!!

    1. Amazing ladies, Amazing church Family ,I am honored to know you all, and call you my brethren…

  2. Thank you so much for what you do to help those in need!!

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