Time Stands Still

I watch the stars from my windowsill, the whole world is moving, and I’m standing still….


When I read this quote our homeless friends came to mind, the world is moving all around them, and yet they are standing still.

No electricity, no showers, no flat screen tv or fancy phones. They are simple, not asking for much, only to be heard.

They all have a story of how they ended up homeless, each one unique in their on way. Our job as Advocates are not to judge, but to educate, build esteems, and get them in the position of being a profitable citizen in there communities, by finding a job, getting off the streets, and paying it forward.

This past week we were in a camp that seemed to explode in population over night, I recall when there was one person there, Book Reader, this timeĀ  18 were waiting on us to pass out canned food, bug spray, snacks, and lots of water.

This camp is in a very rough part of town, and being an ex law officer, I can tell you that drug selling, prostitution, and alcohol flood over on those streets. I shudder to think of the nights there., because no one is safe, especially a homeless person.

There are no doors to lock, no burglar alarms, you rely on your dog alarming you, or being a light sleeper to help you make it thought the night.

The camp in itself is a horror, rats, snakes, raccoons, the stench of human and animal feces in every breeze blowing through the woods.

I’m sure that they have stared at the stars many nights, and made a wish…nothing extravagant…maybe just maybe that daybreak will bring them food, or clothing, or someone might even extend a hand to the invisible people of the woods…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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