Twenty Dollars

“If you want to feel rich just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”

Frank is a frail older man who uses a cane to help him maneuver through the woods. A short walk and he has to sit down and catch his breath, and build up enough energy to walk again.

We have dealt with him a few years now and he really never asks for many supplies from us other than “important paper” his slang for toilet paper. Frank has a medical condition which makes his bowels fail him, he never knows when he will have an accident.

You have to love his humor, and his sincere love for us. This past Christmas I took him shopping, when he got out of my van he handed me a sack with a spiral ham in it and said, Merry Christmas!

I could see him beaming as he gave me the gift, but I also knew that it was taking money that he needed to survive in the woods.

Tonight we passed out plates to our friends, chicken and dressing, mac n cheese, green beans, roll, cookies, and a soft drink.

Frank asked us to take him to the store to buy fuel for his generator, so Angie drove him, while they were enroute he slipped a twenty dollar bill in the cup holder of our van.

After Frank unloaded the gas, Angie said hey Frank you forgot something, and tossed the money out the window to him, rolled her window up and we sped off.

I can’t wait to hear what he is going to say about this….

We have something that money can’t buy..friends who love us…who worry about us…who want to pay it forward when they can…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More



Our friend, Frank with Hearts Cofounder Angie


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  1. What a friend you have in Frank❤

  2. He didn’t realize I watched him try to “hide” the money in where my drink was. Gotta love him!

  3. Oh my heart 💓
    God love!

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