Van Donation Drive

The Hearts Admin team is on vacation until July 23rd to regroup, renew energy, and to plan out the remainder of our year.

Our van, our beloved 1996, van has finally crossed the bridge of no return, and while we are away our members, YES our members are doing a drive on their own to purchase us a used van to continue our work with the homeless.

What amazing Hearts! They realize the importance of reaching our friends, physically and spiritually.

They have found a 2012 For Transit Connect van for $7,700.00. in ONE day they have raised $1340.00, ONE day!

God is surely at work, and our members, well they are not members we call them out Hearts Family have taken control of and run with this project, they say we WILL see a van in our future 🙂

This van won’t be there long, it is priced below book price, so if you feel in your heart to make a donation, small or large, and toss in a few prayers with it…they will meet their goal 🙂

Our PayPal link is on our main page…there is also a GoFundMe Page
Thank you for reading

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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