Wednesday Night Blessings

Each Wednesday afternoon we take home cooked meals out to our friends, we don’t buy burgers, or pizza, we cook! We want them to have a good nourishing meal.

Our Family Members in Hearts donate money from time to time to help buy the food we cook.

This is today’s post from Administrator Angie McElyea..

72 plates went out tonight!

Baked pasta with meatballs, green beans and carrots, a roll and a drink. Our friends had a great supper, prepared by  Erica H. and her family. To say they were excited when they opened the plate would be an understatement.

Andrew took one look at his plate and said, “oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!”, as he took his fork to get a big ole bite. 🙂

Everyone was feeling great tonight. We also had some milk and cereal that we passed out. They’ll have a full belly tonight and breakfast in the morning.

Danny had received some cards in the mail from Booth Chapel and he had to show them to us. He was tickled to death. He said I opened them and cried as I read them. Bless his heart. Next week LP will be taking him for a ride. Danny said he’d love to just ride the country roads. So that’s in the works for next week.

Richard was feeling good tonight. Bless his heart, his phone is not able to send or receive text, so he told us if we needed him to call him instead of texting. Isn’t that great? If WE need HIM. But, honestly…he’s exactly right….we do need him. God has a plan y’all.

If you would like to help us prepare a good hot mean click on our paypal link 🙂

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