What Can I Do…

If you have been following us the past two years you know the story of Andy, and CeCe.

God led us to them one cold winter day, they had been wandering the streets seeking a place to get in from the cold, CeCe was pregnant.

God is and always will be in control, let me explain to you how He brought this meeting about.

I stopped at a local place that gives food to those in need, just out of a whim.
When I got there the lady said I have someone who has been trying to reach you for weeks.

The couple approached me and she was crying, we have been calling and calling and calling trying to find you.

Here is the kicker, my phone didn’t show the first call from then, I will give the devil credit for attempting to stop our meeting one another.

The next few nights they stayed in a warming shelter with Angie and I.
We had a system worked out for the warming center, if only men stayed she would go home, if only women stayed I would go home, if both sexes stayed then we both stayed with them.

Long story short Angie started working with this couple, they went from nowhere to lay their heads, to a home of their own, paying their bills, naming their beautiful daughter after Angie, and my sister, Karen, and attending church!

There isn’t anything that we did special, it’s everything that God has done for them.

I am writing this blog post because tonight Andy called me, and said he and CeCe needed the name of an elderly Veteran. They are fixing a box of food up to carry to him.

They have watched and learned the value of helping others.

Tomorrow Andy will go with me to Conoco Marks to drop off a new propane stove that he needs. Andy is excited to get out there and help our friends….I’m sure he is going to be like Angie, Richard, and I, always looking forward to seeing our friends again

God is good…and to our sweet friends CeCe, Andy and Angela…

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